St. Ergebet Spa Welcomed Naturists, Once Again





February 2019


Warm sunny February Wednesday in south of Hungary. We crossed Horgosh border customs in no time. Continuing further north for about 10 kilometers we were on our way to small town called Morahalom. Organized in two cars, participants from Serbia were going to meet Hungarian naturists in St. Ergebet Spa (Mórahalmi Szent Erzsébet Gyógyfürdő), where special “Sauna Oasis” as part of the venue offered textile-free tradition renewal as one-day event for anounced participants from both sides of the border.

Team from Serbia was invited by Hungarian naturists and by the organizer of the event Mr. Tibor Kiss from Pécs himself.

For many years this textile-free part of the St. Ergebet Spa was available for naturists and other textile-free users, but for some time now this Sauna and Jacuzzi option was textile only, so this opportunity of meeting each other naturally again was warmly welcomed. One of the cars started off from Belgrade and included people from three different towns, while the other one started its travel from Novi Sad (80 kilometers distance between two cities). This Spa was always occupied by naturists from Hungary, of course, but because of its friendly atmosphere and the vicinity from the border there was plenty of visitors from Serbia, also.

One of the participants was Mr. László Czuczai with his family. He is the organizer of  naturist events in Wellness Center in Balozog (Ballószög) near Kecskemét (located about 80 kilometers to the north from nearby town Szeged). These events are happening regularly every third Saturday in a month in a venue of 50 participants capacity. Just for the record, St. Ergebet “Sauna Oasis” capacity is half of that size and for that day it was almost completely full. Our hostess was Noémi Cérna and she was giving fantastic Finish sauna aroma sessions to the participants that have decided to enjoy in that special treatment.

The crown jewel of this meeting was small Hungarian girl of approximately 3 years of age, with sparkling eyes, happy smile and cute red curls that were flickering around her head. She was enjoying in pleasure given by Jacuzzi and Saunas with her grandparents just the same as all other adults, obviously experienced in this type of relaxation. She was like “sight for sore eyes” for all of us, that was represeting a promise in a way, that young people raised as naturists will be second next generation to continue the tradition that we embrace.

It was such a privilege that naturists from Serbia could join this international naturist event in a place they are familiar with, and in which they feel like they are at home. We do hope that Hungarian naturists will keep in them the same impressions as we do, and that this joined activity will represent the sample for future events in time to come.

Yours naturally forever,

Tanya Stankovic & Geza Lennert


Photos by Tanya


We will be back…

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